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    AF4UM T.O.S

    Post by MsTentacle on Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:16 pm

    This is the Alternative Freaks Forum's Terms of Service. Please read!! Frequently Updated!!
    User Agreement:
    As a AF4UM user and/or visitor, you agree that you will not abuse the forum services with the following acts: General Harassment, Cyber Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Discriminatory Statements, Stealing and/or Claiming other user's content without permission, asking for other user's passwords, participating in cybersex, or exchanging sexual content with other users.
    You agree to keeping all content on the AF4UM PG-13, as an estimated movie rating system. That means you may swear, but do not over do it.
    You agree to termination of your account under any circumstance that the site owner OR moderators see fit.

    Harassment Policy:
    If you feel that you are being harassed personally by any member of the AF4UM (including moderators), please email with your claim, and I (the site owner), will get back to you as soon as I can. Do not resort to arguments if you feel you are being attacked. Please report any bad behavior immediately.

    Password Policy:

    Do not share your password with anyone. Moderators and Admins will never ask for your password information on this site. You agree that once you've made your account here, you will never give out your password to anyone! If you feel someone is impersonating a moderator, please email about your claim!

    Age Requirement Policy:

    This forum is designed for ages 13+. If you are under age 13, you can not be a member of AF4UM. All accounts found with false age information will be TERMINATED. Users 18+ must acknowledge younger users, agreeing to not post inappropriate content, and will follow USA basic laws.

    This Thread is always updated! Please check back for updates!

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