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    General Forum Rules



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    General Forum Rules

    Post by MsTentacle on Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:27 pm

    This is short and sweet! As the title states, these are the basic rules!

    • Keep all topics PG-13
    • No cybersex
    • No exchanging passwords/account information
    • No harassment (no threads pointed to cause drama or harm to another user)
    • No exchanging sexual pictures
    • No posting pictures in forums/threads bigger than 500x500
    • No posting sexual content (pictures/erotic stories)
    • No arguing (unless it's a debate-even so, look at the next rule!)
    • Keep constructive criticism CONSTRUCTIVE
    • No discriminatory threads/topics/statements
    • No posting stolen content
    • If talking about someone in negative light, KEEP THEIR NAME ANONYMOUS (and this is for complaining threads meant for DISCUSSING)
    • No duplicate posts
    • No spamming
    • Watch your bumping

    No one at AF4UM will ask for personal information such as your password or account information! Please report anything suspicious or complaints! If you need to contact the site owner, please email! Thank you.

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